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Green Bay, WI’s Basement Waterproofing Specialists

Protect your home with Everdry Waterproofing Fox Cities, the experts in basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Green Bay, WI. With 40 years of dedicated service, we bring our customers patented and effective methods for homes of all sizes. Dampness, mold, cracks, and water seepage in the basement compromise the integrity of your house and your family’s health. It’s time to put an end to these issues to create a healthy environment in the bones of your home. Contact us for a free inspection.

Comprehensive Services

Whether a full basement or a narrow crawl space, your home’s foundation is designed to support the load and keep your home level. However, these areas are exposed to harsh conditions and are sometimes ignored. We offer comprehensive solutions to help you sleep soundly at night.

Basement Waterproofing

Safeguard your basement from water damage with our state-of-the-art waterproofing solutions. Suitable for most foundation materials, our options will keep your space dry and safe.

  • Interior and Exterior Waterproofing – Comprehensive services to protect walls and floors.
  • Multi-Step Systems – Our most thorough package to protect against seeping through cracks and any other possible entry points.
  • Basement Ventilation – It’s like an air purifier for the entire house. Introduce healthy, breathable air into your home.
  • Sump Pump Battery Backup – You may already have a pump in your basement, but what if the power goes out in a harsh storm? Have no fear with a battery backup to keep the water pumping out.

Water Damage Restoration

Do you notice signs of water damage in your basement? The symptoms can be obvious, including water stains on walls, bubbling wallpaper or paint, mold, musty scents, and discoloration.

  • Mold and Mildew Removal Say goodbye to harmful bacteria and fungi with our thorough removal process.
  • Dampness and Staining – Eliminate the signs of moisture and protect the appearance of your basement.
  • Water Seepage Treatment Keep your basement dry with our advanced water seepage solutions.
  • Efflorescence Treatment – Prevent the white powdery deposits on walls with our proven solutions.

Foundation and Basement Wall Crack Repair

Don’t let cracks threaten the foundation of your home. Trust our experts to mend the integrity of your structure. Outside pressure and shifting ground are common problems. From simple crack repair and solidifying surfaces to our complete basement wall stabilization option, we have a solution to address minor and major issues.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Not every home has a full foundation, but crawl spaces should be monitored because they can be problem areas for moisture. Experience improved air quality and energy efficiency with our crawl space encapsulation services, ensuring your crawl space is protected from moisture and pests.

Serving Green Bay, WI

Everdry Waterproofing Fox Cities proudly serves homeowners in Green Bay, WI with basement waterproofing services. Our team of professionals has been completing foundation repair since 1983, offering generous warranties to back our services. Customers love us because our solutions last, so contact us today to schedule your free basement inspection.

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