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Exterior Basement Waterproofing With Everdry Waterproofing

When it rains, you deserve to be at ease. Everdry Waterproofing allows homeowners to relax in Green Bay and Appleton, WI with our exterior waterproofing services. You can say goodbye to your damp basement when you choose our experts to waterproof the exterior foundation of your home. We use waterproof-specific materials instead of the alternative, less effective damp-proofing materials. When water makes its way into your basement, you are left with quite a mess to clean up. The moisture can weaken the structure of your home and decrease its overall value. Our professionals will examine your home’s external system and ensure that the foundation, walls, and doors are protected. Contact us today to waterproof your basement.

Important Benefits of Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

When you move into a new home, you expect it to be safe and withstand the elements. You don’t always have the option to oversee the construction process, so you may not know how waterproof your home is. With our exterior basement waterproofing products and services, you won’t have to guess if your home is safe from water damage. Waterproofing exterior basement walls and doors has many benefits, including:

  • Keeps Water Out — Our exterior waterproofing experts utilize high-quality materials to prevent water from penetrating the home. This protects your insulation, electrical wiring, pipes, and everything your walls contain. Preventing moisture in your basement stops allergens like mold and mildew from taking up residence.
  • Protects Everything Inside — Whether your basement is a living space or used for storage, exterior waterproofing prevents damage to furniture, documents, carpet, electrical appliances, and your family members. Water can ruin practically anything that is kept in your basement.
  • Increases Property Value — Your home’s moisture and water issues will decrease its value. Hiring waterproofing experts like us to fix any water issues is often recommended by realtors to increase the value of your home.
  • Eliminates Foundation Wall Deterioration — When water penetrates the basement walls, the moisture attacks the sealant that holds them together, leading to breakage and wall collapse. Stopping water before it gets in is the best way to preserve the integrity of the wall structure.
  • Strengthens Your Home — Your home’s foundation is essential to keep it standing. Water that penetrates the porous cement foundation will break it down, leading to cracking and deterioration. The structural damage creates a shift in the home, causing the cracks to travel up into walls and ceilings, affecting the entire house.
  • Peace of Mind Exterior foundation waterproofing protects your family and belongings from the effects of water damage and preserves the structural integrity of your home.


The Exterior underground waterproofing at Appleton, WI

Comprehensive Exterior Waterproofing Installation Process

The best exterior foundation waterproofing systems follow a step-by-step installation process. We will inspect your basement and the exterior foundation while paying close attention to the details. We use high-quality, durable materials for long-lasting results. During our process, we check the walls, the strength of the structure, and the drainage systems. The steps that make up our exterior waterproofing installation process include:

1. Excavation — Exposing the home’s foundation allows us to apply the necessary waterproofing material to redirect and disperse water away from the foundation walls. The excavation area depends on the elevation of your property but is typically 4 to 8 feet deep and 2 ½ feet wide.

2. Speed Shoring — We install speed shoring material in the excavated area. The material protects our team and prevents soil from refilling at the excavation site.

3. Weeping Tiles — The weeping tile, or drainage tile, directs underground water away from the foundation. When installing our exterior waterproofing system, we replace the old weeping tiles with new tiles. The new tiles have a fabric filter that prevents sediment from clogging them.

4. Cleaning and Inspection — New access to the outside walls allows our team to clean and inspect them for voids and cracks. We apply hydraulic cement to seal any problem areas found.

5. Towel-On Rubber Membrane — A rubber membrane is applied to the exterior walls with a small, flat hand tool. The membrane seals any areas vulnerable to water. In the case of foundation settlement, the durable material expands to stay in place.

6. Mesh Layer — This secondary layer reinforces the initial rubber membrane for increased durability.

7. Drainage Sheet — We install commercial-grade soil side drainage sheets to protect the waterproof layers and drain water away from the basement.

8. Window Wells — Our experts install window wells and weeping tiles to underground windows for proper water drainage.

9. Gravel Cover — A layer of gravel covers the new weeping tiles to maximize drainage. The gravel creates a secondary path for water to flow around the basement footing.

10. Area Is Refilled — Our team restores the excavated area with native soil and compacts it to its initial level. Your basement is now entirely waterproof, and you can rest easy knowing your water problems are resolved.

Choose the Exterior Waterproofing Experts for the Job

When your basement leaks, you can trust Everydry Waterproofing to install a comprehensive exterior waterproofing system. Green Bay and Appleton, WI residents no longer need to worry about their home’s structural integrity. Our high-quality materials and thorough installation process will protect your family, belongings, and basement from the adverse effects of water damage. Our goal is to keep your basement dry and keep you safe while maintaining the integrity of your property. The next time it rains, you can sit back and relax. Call us today to obtain exterior waterproofing services.

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