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7 Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding in Appleton, WI

A flooded basement in Appleton, Wisconsin

Keep Your Home Safe and Dry

Basements serve multiple purposes, from storage to additional living space. However, the threat of basement flooding is real, especially with the unpredictable weather during the rainy season in Appleton, WI. Keep your basement dry and safe by following these seven basement flooding prevention tips.

  1. Maintain your rain gutters and downspouts: One of the most effective ways to keep water out of the basement is to clean your gutters and downspouts. Also, check that the gutters are securely attached to your home and that downspouts direct water at least three feet away from the foundation. A little maintenance greatly reduces the risk of water seeping into your basement.
  2. Check the slope of your yard: The soil around your property should slope away from the house to prevent water and snow melt from pooling next to the foundation, which could lead to flooding.
  3. Install window well covers: Window wells are common entry points for water, so covering them reduces the risk of water seeping through your basement windows. They come in various styles and materials to match your home’s aesthetics while offering practical protection.
  4. Inspect and repair foundation cracks: Even small cracks can let water into your basement quickly, so regularly inspect your home’s foundation from the outside. If you find cracks or other signs of degradation, call a professional to inspect and repair the damage.
  5. Install a sump pump: A well-functioning sump pump is crucial for preventing basement flooding. If you don’t already have one, schedule an installation as soon as possible. Then, routinely check that it’s plugged in and test it to ensure functionality. Consider installing a dual sump pump with a battery backup for extra security. Also, review your homeowner’s insurance policy to confirm coverage for sump pump failure.
  6. Create an interior perimeter basement drain: If your basement is particularly susceptible to flooding, an interior perimeter basement drain can work wonders. A drainage channel runs around the basement wall, and any water that enters it gets directed to your sump pump or another exit point. This drainage system is highly effective in areas where exterior waterproofing is a challenge.
  7. Prepare for potential flooding: Take proactive steps to protect your belongings when the rain starts pouring down. Raise furniture off the ground using bricks or concrete blocks and store items in plastic crates rather than cardboard boxes. Unplug electronics and raise cords off the floor to minimize damage and electrical hazards.

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